John Cale - Cable Hogue chords

Cable Hogue
DTraffic moving slowly Monday morning
Money talks, people hoping
G DCable Hogue where you been?
G DCable Hogue where you been?
Something tells me, you wonít show Though you carry heat, God only knows Cable, Cable - why did you leave me? Cable Hogue where you been?
F G DI just wanted to say goodbye
F G Wanted so much to say goodbye
F G Wanted to say goodbye
D In case I die
Need to go to Georgia Got a bank to blow Yeah well living ainít easy, But itís much harder when itís slow Cable ≠ I wish you were with me now Cable ≠ you know, I love you so
A G F#mYou know theyíre looking for you down south
A G F#mAnd all you gotta do is go down there and open your big fat mouth.
Cable, Cable where you been? Cable, you know I love you so By Josť Duarte
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