John Coltrane - Afro Blue tab

AFRO BLUE - John Coltrane  (originally by Mongo Santamaria)
This is the theme for Afro Blue. I tabbed it out from the Coltrane version
Live at the Birdland. It's basically just a theme all in the F natural minor
scale. There is alot of room for little hammerons and other nice things to
really bring out the power of this simple tune.
Oh yeah, its in 6/8 time.

e------------------------| Play 2xB-----13-----------------|G--------13-15--13-15----|D---15----------------15-|A------------------------|E------------------------|
------------------------------------------| Play 2x then play second part---13-161616-14-13131313------------------| again.-------------------------15-1313-12-------|------------------------------------13-15-|------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------|
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