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John Cougar Mellencamp – Hurt So Good tab

Title:Hurt so good
Artist: John Mellancamp
Tuning: Standard
Tabbed By: Luke Payro


-2------------------------2-- REPEAT 4 TIMES-2------------------------2-------4-----2--------------------------------2--3--0-------
[A]When I was a [E]young boy,[Fm] Said put away those[D]young boy ways [A]Now Im getting[E]older so much older[Fm]I love all those[D]young boy days [A]With a Girl like you[E] [A]With a girl like [E]you [Fm]Lord knows there are[D]things we can do baby[E]Just me and you Come on and make it hurt (CHORUS) [A]Hurt so [E]Good [A]Come on baby make it [E]hurt so good [D]Sometimes [Fm]love dont [D]feel like it should you make it [E]hurt so good REPEAT INTRO [A]Dont have to be so[E] exciting Im [Fm]just trying to give myself a little[D] bit of fun yeah [A]You always look so[E]inviting[Fm]You aint as green as[D]you are young [A]Hey baby its [E]you, [A]Come on girl now its[E] you [Fm]Sink your teeth right[D] through my bones [E]baby [E]Lets see what we can do come on a make it hurt (CHORUS) I aint talking no big deals I aint made no plans myself yeah I aint talking no high heels Maybe we could walk around All day long Walk around all day long Walk around all day long Walk around all day long (CHORUS) REPEAT INTRO AND FADE THANX RUBBERSOUL200@HOTMAIL.COM _________________________________________________________________ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at
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