John Denver – Love Again chords

Love Again
John Denver

Intro  G Bm C D

G D AmI didn't think it could happen again
D Am GI'm just too old and set in my ways
G D Am DI was convinced I would always be lonely
Am D GAll of the rest of my days
Em BmMaybe I gave up on romance
Am DIn my longing to give up the pain
G DI just didn't believe
Am D G Bm C D GI would ever love again
II. I was like one who had shut myself in Closed the windows locked all the doors Afraid of the dark and the beat of my heart And yet, knowing there had to be more Though it sounds like a great contradiction It's the easiest thing to explain You see I was afraid I might never love again III. What does it take for a blind man to see That there's more there than just meets the eye What are the ways that the magic comes in That can turn a song into a sigh Sometimes I think that I'm dreaming Or maybe I'm going insane Or maybe it's just that I'm Falling in love again VI.
G D Amda, da, di, ...
D Am Gda, da, di, ...
G D Am Dda, da, di, ...
Am D Gda, da, di, ...
Em BmHere I am standing beside you
Am DAh life's such a wonderful game
G D Am DLook at me now I've fallen in love
G D Am DLook at me now I've fallen in love
G D Am D G Bm C D GLook at me now I've fallen in love again
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