John Denver – Saturday Night In Toledo Ohio chords

C C#dim G7

C C#dim G7Saturday night in Toledo Ohio is like being nowhere at all
C AmAll through the day how the hours rush by
D7 G7 F#7 G7You sit in the park and you watch the grass die
CAh but after the sunset the dusk and the twilight
C#dim G7When shadows of night start to fall
C AmThey roll back the sidewalks precisely at ten
F#7 B7 Bb7-B7Fnd people who live there are not seen a-gain
C C7 FJust two lonely truckers from Kearny Nebraska
G7 C C7Fnd a salesman from places unknown -es unknown
F Cdim C A7All huddled together in downtown Toledo
D7 G7 CTo spend their big night all alone
CYou ask how I know of Toledo Ohio
C#dim G7Well I spent a week there one day
C AmThey've got entertainment to dazzle your eyes
D7 G7 F#7 G7Go visit the bakery and watch the buns rise
C F#dim G7Ah but let's not forget the folks of Toledo unselfo shly gave us the scale
C Am“No springs honest weight” that's the promise they made
D7 G7 F#7 G7So smile and be thankful next time you get weighed
C C7 FAnd live and let live let this be our motto
G7 C C7Let's let the sleeping dogs lie -ping dogs lie
F Cdim C AmAnd here's to the dogs of Toledo Ohio
D7 G7 C G7 CLadies we bid you good bye
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