John Doe – Golden State chords ver. 2

(I think this is pretty much correct. Feel free to let me know if you notice a mistake.)

DYou are
Bm AThe hole in my head,
D I am
Bm AThe pain in your neck
DYou are
Bm AThe lump in my throat
D I am
Bm A GThe aching in your heart
Em7 GWe are tangled, we are stolen
Cadd9 AWe are living with things ahead and...
(the next verse follows the same chord progression as the last, so skipping ahead to the chorus...)
D Em7We are luck, we are fate
G A7We are the feeling you get in the Golden State
D Em7We are love, we are hate
G A7We are the feeling I get when you walk away,
Em7 D/F# G A7Walk away
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