John Elton – Tiny Dancer tab

        EADGBE          EADGBE          EADGBE            EADGBE
   C   (x32010)    D7  (xx0212)    Em  (022000)    G/B   (x2003x)
   F   (133211)    D   (xx0232)    Ab  (466544)    G/B*  (x2303x)
   G   (320003)    Dm7 (xx0211)    Bb  (688766)    Dm    (xx0231)
   Em7 (022030)    E7  (020100)    Gm7 (353333)    Asus4 (x02230)
   Am7 (x02010)    Am  (x02210)    Cm  (x35543)
   Phew, first tab I've made in months. Great song from the 70's
   that was used in the film Almost Famous. Many people requested
   this a few months ago so I decided to tab it now, when people
   have already found the chords somewhere else :)
   Lots of chords, but don't be intimidated, it's an easy song to
   play. I got the basics for this tab at:
   So Big Thanx to them, lots of other Elton John songs there,
   check it out.
   C   F   C   F
   C   F   C   F
If you want tab for the intro you can play it like this, I just strum it: C F E|--------0--------------------| B|-----------3--1-----1-----1--| G|------0-------2-2-----2------| D|----2---------3---3-----3----| A|--3--------------------------| E|-----------------------------|
VERSE 1: -------- C F C F Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, C F F G seamstress for the band C F C F Pretty eyed, pirate smile, C F F G you'll marry a music man F Em7 Am7 D7 (or just a regular D) Ballerina, you must have seen her Dm7 E7 Am G dancing in the sand C F C F And now she's in me, always with me, C G F Em Dm7 Tiny dancer in my hand C F C F VERSE 2: -------- C F C F Jesus freaks out in the street, C F F G Handing tickets out for God C F C F Turning back she just laughs C F F G The boulevard is not that bad F Em7 Am7 D7 Piano man he makes his stand Dm7 E7 Am G in the auditorium C F C F Looking on she sings the songs C G F Em Dm7 The words she knows, the tune she hums C F C F PRE-CHORUS: ----------- Ab Bb But oh how it feels so real, Gm7 Cm lying here with no one near Ab Bb Only you and you can hear me G/B G/B* when I say softly, slowly In the chorus the C is probably supposed to be C/E. I just use the regular C, but if you wanna use C/E it's played either like this (032010) or (xx2010). CHORUS: ------- F C Dm C <--play this C real quickly Hold me closer tiny dancer F C G Count the headlights on the highway F C Dm Lay me down in sheets of linen F C G You had a busy day today REPEAT CHORUS INTERLUDE: ---------- Am Asus4 Am [I'm having a hard time hearing this correctly. It's something like this and then:] C F C F <--same as intro REPEAT VERSE 1 REPEAT PRE-CHORUS REPEAT CHORUS OUTRO: ------ F C Dm C Hold me closer tiny dancer F C G Count the headlights on the highway F C Dm Lay me down in sheets of linen F C G G You had a busy day today C F C F C F C F C ********************************************************************** Questions, comments, corrections, requests, send to: ********************************************************************** Visit the QUALITY TABS INC. Website at: **********************************************************************
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