John Fogerty – Sugar-sugar In My Life tab

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Tabbed by:Paul McGuire- this is my first tab but i know it's mostly %100 correct


  **Note that there are actually two guitars playing in this song but here is 
       the lead guitar tab that John Fogerty actually plays with a capo on the
       3rd fret . If you'd like to know, the other guitar plays with a capo on 
       the 1st fret and plays D-G-A chords to go along. A fill at the bottom 
       of the page for the 2nd guitar. 
INTRO: play with some soul. hand-slap the guitar a little or something to  
           give it some beat. 
C F C G e|-----0----3-0-----------------1-------------0---3-0------3-----------------|B|-1------1------1----1----1------1------ 1-----1-----1----3-----------------|G|---0-------------0-----2----2-----2-------0-----------2--0-----------------|D|--------------------3---------------3-0------------------0-----------------|A|-3--------------------------------------3----------------2-----------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------3-----------------|
VERSE I: Use these full chords. They sound a little better because of the deeper sound they put out. C F C G
e|--0---------1--------------------0---------3-------------------------------|B|--1---------1--------------------1---------3-------------------------------|G|--0---------2--------------------0---------0-------------------------------|D|--2---------3--------------------2---------0-------------------------------|A|--3---------3--------------------3---------2-------------------------------|E|--3------------------------------3---------3-------------------------------| everybody want it.. everybody need it..
e|--0---------1---------------------0---------3------------------------------|B|--1---------1---------------------1---------3------------------------------|G|--0---------2---------------------0---------0------------------------------|D|--2---------3---------------------2---------0------------------------------|A|--3---------3---------------------3---------2------------------------------|E|--3-------------------------------3---------3------------------------------| everybody got to have it.. everybody knows.. i'm lookin for some..
CHORUS: Played just like the intro
C F C Ge|-----0----3-0-----------------1--------------0----3--0---------3-----------|B|-1------1-----1----1-----1------1--------1------1-------1------3-----------|G|---0------------0-----2----2------2--------0--------------2----0-----------|D|-------------------3----------------3-0------------------------0-----------|A|-3---------------------------------------3---------------------2-----------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------3-----------| suga suga.. suga suga.. suga suga in my life
Same chords throughout the rest of the song. Here are the rest of the lyrics. VERSE II C F When the day is over C G And the work is done C F That's when I got to find my baby C G She's the only one G (or NC) Lookin' for some CHORUS: (Again played like intro) C Sugar-sugar F Sugar-sugar C Sugar-sugar G In my life SOLO: working on it right now VERSE III C F Mama always told me **(guitar fill here)** C G Now don't you be no fool C F Take some time to share your lovin' C G That's the golden rule NC Got to have some CHORUS and end Other guitar plays some fancy licks that sound great and this is just one i picked out at a certain part of the song that i liked. 2nd guitar: Capo 1st fret
| / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | NC No chord | x Mute note The solo for this song along with Honey Do and Rhubarb Pie by John Fogerty will all be coming soon. Other requests? Email me at ===============================================================================
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