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John Fogerty – Old Man Down The Road tab

Ok guys heres my version of Old man down the road!
The E7 can also be played as a Em and it still sounds right!


Use a clear tone with bridge pickup I find works the best, no effects or fancy tools needed!E|-----------------------------|---------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------|---------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------|---------------------------------------|D|-5-7-7b(8)-5-----------------|-5-7-7b(8)-(8)-b(8)7-5-----------------|A|-------------7--0-----7---7--|-----------------------7--0-----7---7--|E|------------------3-0---0----|----------------------------3-0---0----|
Verse 1 Play chords nice and jumpy E7 He take-a thunder from the mountain G He take-a lightnin' from the sky A He bring the strong man to his beggin' knees E7 He make the young girl's mama cry CHORUS: E7 You got to hidey-hide G You got to jump and run A You got to hidey-hidey-hide C D E7 The old man is down the road Verse 2: He got the voices speakin' riddles He got eyes as black as coal He got a suitcase covered with rattlesnake hide And he stands right in the road CHORUS John'sinstrumental..... same pattern as chorus Verse 3: He make the river call your lover He make the barking of the hound Put a shadow 'cross the window When the old man comes around Chorus(last line twice) Now for some of the riffs used.. i think you can figure out where. These are not fully correct, I mainly improvise them.
|----16----16-16---16-16\---------------||---------------------------------------| |-/16---16------16----------------------||---------------------------b(8)7--5----||------------------------------------7--||---------------------------------------|
|----------------------------------||---b2(2.5)---------b2(2.5)--------| Ok This really needs work.. but I think |---b2(2.5)-0-----0-b2(2.5)-0------| you get the idea.|-2-----------2---------------2----||----------------------------------||----------------------------------|
Look for the solo to be commin out next! Any questions/comments/corrections email me at Klash59@gmail.com
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