John Frusciante - Invisible Movement tab

John Frusciante - Invisible Movement 2:21-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
L & M: John FruscianteTrack 11 From:To Record Only Water For Ten Days2001 Niandra Lades Music BMI Music.Tabbed By Leandro
Intro: Guitar: 1 Verse:E|-------------------------------|---------------------|B|-----------1-------------0-----|-------1--------0----|G|-----2---2---2------2--2---2---|---------------------|D|-------------------------------|---------------------|A|-0-----------------------------|---0-----------------|e|-----------------3-------------|------------3--------|
Guitar 2: Am G
Or Intro: Guitar 1
Guitar 2:
Verse: Am G It's a time when you think it's all over Am G Live a life, then you roll over and die Am G Am G I don't feel pain, I don't travel this line Am G Levitate and feel the ground get closer Am G Ecstacy made every step a mile - Am G Am G When it becomes waste, why hold on for dear life? Chorus: F G Am White pain in the blue-eyed breakup F G Am All paths divide F G Am Life has a way of opening up. F G E Verse: Am G All names travel with their owners Am G Though they've no space, they move all around Am G Am G I see invisible movement in every town Am G Every cry is a seperate emotion Am G Happenings are planned and then they arrive Am G Am G They go on with or without you there Chorus X 2 End: Am Chords:
Am G F EE|--0--|--3--|--1--|-0-|B|--1--|--3--|--1--|-0-|G|--2--|--0--|--2--|-1-|D|--2--|--0--|--3--|-2-|A|--0--|--2--|--3--|-2-|e|--X--|--3--|--1--|-0-|
Produce By John FruscianteMixed By Jimmy BoyledMixing Assisted By Brian GrimmelMastered By Vlado Meller At Sony Music Studio, New York.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=--
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