John Frusciante – Ten To Butter Blood Voodoo tab

Dm            Am
Exclamations feel,

  Dm                 Am
Before you set to conceal.

    Dm                Am
she loves the man you told,

        Dm              Am
Did you see me a flying coach.

Dm               Am
Hey sister its unreal,

          Dm                        Am
the way I take to the sky in my automobile.

          Dm            Am
Could you show them the ten,

Dm                 Am
hear about heavens sins?

      B     C#           D#
Your highs taken to the sky,

  B        C#     Dm
Yellow and Zebras fly.

     B    C#           D#
Your skys taken to the flies,

F#   F(?)     D#m
Nest is found west,

F#  F(?)    D#m B
feeling the best.

   F# F(?) B
Heyla,          hey now,

F# F(?) B

B- - - - Bb-B - - - Bb-B - - - Bb-b...

C A - - - - - - C A...

The Guitar Solo:

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