John Frusciante – Back And Forth tab

Fmin Eb Db C Ab Gbmin E B A Ab--8--|--6--|--4--|--3--|--4--|--9--|--7--|--7--|--5--|--4--|--9--|--8--|--6--|--5--|--4--|-10--|--9--|--7--|--5--|--4--|-10--|--8--|--6--|--5--|--5--|-11--|--9--|--8--|--6--|--5--|-10--|--8--|--6--|--5--|--6--|-11--|--9--|--9--|--7--|--6--|--8--|--6--|--4--|--3--|--6--|--9--|--7--|--9--|--7--|--6--|-----|-----|-----|-----|--4--|-----|-----|--7--|--5--|--4--|
Fmin Eb Some lose it to the felt done Fmin Eb Some lose it to the sun Fmin Eb Db Some lose it to the water I fall thru Fmin Eb Some lose it in the sky Fmin Eb Some lose it tears in eye Fmin Eb Db C Some lose it to the endless pages and then die Ab Eb Fmin Back and for--or--orth Ab Eb Db C Let it ride back and forth Fmin Eb Some lose me in their shadows Fmin Eb That shape beyond the side Fmin Eb Db So I'm breaking thru the dawning that won't come C Another came true (?) (I can't understand the rest of the lyrics, but here is the rest regardless) Ab..Eb..Fmin..Ab..Eb..Fmin..Eb..Db Gbmin..E..Gbmin..E..Gbmin..E..B..A..Ab..E
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