John Frusciante - The Empyrean tab

The Empyrean
John Frusciante

tabbed by: Stan Antheunis 

I was trying to find out some chords to this and I thought I'd share. 
I hope I can be of some use. 
I copied Unreachable from an other tab which had a good rating and I checked it and it's good.

Please correct me if I'm wrong

-Before the Beginning

Suggested chord variations:

Em 	D/F#	G	C/E		
E	x	x	x	x
A	7	9	10	7
D	9	7	12	5
G	9	7	12	5
B	8	7	12	5
e	7	x	x	x

This throughout

-Song for the Siren	 

Bb              F         
Long afloat on shipless oceans
Eb              Gm
I did all my best to smile
Bb               F
'Til your singing eyes and fingers
Eb                Gm
Drew me loving to your isle

Bb            Bb/Ab             Bb/G                         Bb
And you sang, "Sail to me, sail to me, let me unfold you"
Bb          Gm              F               Eb               
Here I am, here I am, waiting to hold you

Bb               F
Did I dream you dreamed about me?
Eb                    Gm
Were you hare when i was fox
Bb            F
Now my foolish boat is leaning 
Eb              Gm
Broken lovelorn on your rocks,
Bb            Bb/Ab             Bb/G                         Bb
For you sing, "Touch me not, touch me not, come back tomorrow
Bb            Gm               F                      Eb               
O my heart, O my heart shies from the sorrow" 

Bb           F
I am puzzled as the newborn child
Eb           Gm
I am troubled at the tide
Bb          F
Should I stand amid the breakers?
Eb               Gm
Should I lie with Death my bride?
Bb            Bb/Ab             Bb/G                         Bb
Hear me sing, "Swim to me, Swim to me, Let me enfold you
Bb            Gm              F              Eb               
Here I am, Here I am, Waiting to hold you"


Credits for these chords go to SURFSUNADAM, great job, well done mate...I just thought I 
it in here, because lots of people are looking for tabs here ;)

Db: X4666X
Eb: X6888X
Ab: X66544
Fm: 133111
Bb: x13331

Db Eb
Are we
Ab           Eb   Fm
Down for the same cause
         Ab           Eb   Fm
We don't know what we stand for
         Ab      Eb      Fm
When the moments start to crack
            Db          Eb          Bb
You do lose track where your head's at

         Ab  Eb  Fm
And I am unreachable
            Ab              Eb     Fm
What do you think when your head's full?
         Ab      Eb      Fm
We don't rely on what we get
              Db       Eb        Bb
We're picking up where we aren't yet

Fm Ab Fm Ab Fm Ab Fm Ab

Fm  Ab    Eb             Bb           Fm Ab
One time, hit me where I turn white
Eb                 Bb
I don't mean to be polite
Fm   Ab    Eb                        Bb
Uniformed, spinning the world to the beat of my drum
Fm   Ab     Eb     Bb

Fm                          Ab
Reach into the darkness for what you can find
Eb                    Bb
Travel great distance in your mind
Fm                         Ab
The world gets stronger as you start trying things
Eb                             Bb
Turn around towards being born away from dying
Fm                             Ab
I've run out again, there's no one on my side
Eb                     Bb
We to disappear, well, I know I tried
You know we tried, you know we tried

Db        Fm      Eb    Fm
Heeeeeeey shoot me heeeeeeeey
Db        Ab          Eb      Fm       Db   
Heeeeeeey shoot me shoot me shoot me yeah yeah yeah hey hey yeah
Fm    Eb
Fm    Eb

The swirling instruments outline the chords Fm Eb many times, then towards the end it 
into the same chords for the "shoot me" section.


C                    D     Bb           F	
So each day would be new I build you to sleep
C                    D              Bb           F
That's the idea of dying but you'll just have to see
C                    D     Bb      F
You can do what you want or so you think
C                         D                Bb           F          Em
But til you stop all your thoughts you are tied to your surroundings

Em                   G          C            
When the fog spreads out in the rainy season
Em                 G     C
It comes from my insides
Em                  G         C
When the thunderous lightning strikes down
Em                      G     C
You're seeing your real I
Em     G    C             Em          G    C
People, You blaspheme my name
    Em                                G   C                      Em
But still I love you, Still I love you, I love you just the same
C               G               Am              Em      Esus4
I hear all your prayers because I'm each one of you
C                G                 Am               Em
Creations not something I did it's something that I do
    C              G                 Am               Em  
The reason for the bad is so there'd be such thing as good
   C          G             Am           Em
Oh I'd do anything for you, you all know I would

C          G          Am          Em      Esus4
Be for me, be for me, be for me,  Yeah
C          G          Am          Em
Before me, before me, before me,  Yeah

C               G      Am         Em         Esus4
You know that I try to repair and repay
   C              G                 Am            E
As life goes by a thousand times it gets a little better
C        G         Am   Em  
All is belief, All is belief, 
C      G       Am     Em
All is belief, All is belief


Bbm                   Fm
Remember all you've forgotten
Gb      Db        Ab      Bbm
I can't put those thoughts away
      Gb         Db             Ab      Bbm
Everything I've thought's in my head to stay
    Ebm        Ab                Db          Gb
Now what do we get for trying to follow to a tee
Ebm        Ab            Db      Gb       F
All the instructions you gave to me

Did you ever notice
That it's for you that I've lived my life
Every time I had fun you were on my mind
I've lost my perspective
I've gone off the wall
Really not sure if I'm needed here at all

This is my last shot
I'll always be less that my other selves
So I feel like I'm competing with someone else
Who I could never beat in a million years
I was made to think that we would wind up round here

Eb           Bb           Cm           Ab
Will we ever get together in a song
Eb            Bb                  Cm           Ab
Will you ever tell everybody bout right and wrong
Eb             Bb           Cm           Ab
Will you let everyone in on the meaning of life and death
Eb           Bb                  Cm           Ab     G
Do you need me or are you waiting for my last breath

Then repeat:



       Dm                 Am
Well I spent the night in heaven
Dm          Am        Dm        Am       Dm     Bb C      
I wanted to figure it out for myself
  Dm              Am
I spin around the fortress
    Dm             Am            Dm      Am       Dm    Bb C
You never know the currency that we all run on

Bb     F      Gm  Dm
We run on, we run on

You once told me
You keep a billion frequencies on your person
End the night with channel four
You don't see me looking you up when I'm here
We live fast cuz time won't last
See me freezing like the bum I am

From where you start there's endless information drilled into your eyes
Well, I don't need protection
One life begins, another dies
Bad timing
I won't last
Man, that's the facts
It is a feeling that will never pass

        Eb                          Dm  Cm   Gm
And you know you could be taking us far
        Eb          Dm                Cm        Gm
When I speak to you again through the stages of pleasure

        Bb            F       Gm
Well, I don't have my own face
   Bb            F       Gm
So c'mon and be replaced
          Bb            F       Gm
There's a future that's calling
      Bb            F       Gm
But I don't see it coming
     Bb            F       Gm
No, I don't have my own face
     Bb            F       Gm
So c'mon and be replaced
Bb            F       Gm
There's a future that's calling
      Bb            F       Gm
But I don't see it coming
      Bb            F       Gm
No, I don't see it coming
      Bb            F       Gm
No, I don't see it coming

-Enough of Me

The A/E is played  x77655

D            A              G
This precise time and right here
    D         A  G
Are not going anywhere
     D             A     G
I`ve had enough of new todays
         D           A         G
For once I`d like to go another way
   D            A         G
I speak my last words and then 
  D         A         G
remember it may never end
    D             A      G
All that I`ve won I have lost
             D              Bm   F#m  A  E
Each passing moment cuts me off

Bm              A/E             Bm                  A    E
Well, I don`t like to waste a chance but they`re overflowing
Bm              A/E         Bm      A    E
What I don`t do will get done by somebody
Bm           A/E             Bm      A    E
When I was five I saw some plants ungrowing
Bm              A/E         Bm      A    E
Whether seen forwards or back they`d keep going
They`d keep going

       G             D               A        Em
If the seasons which change were all still
        G       D              A       Em
It`s so easy to see life would fail
   G           D          A         Em
Whatever slips out of our hands
     G            D          G    Bm
Will find its way back to us once again

If the seasons which change were all still
It`s so easy to see life would fail
Whatever slips out of our hands
Will find its way back to us once again
Will find its way back to us once again
Will find its way back to us once again
Once again

Bm - Em 


Verse 1
   Am         C                F              Dm
Im central to nowhere thinking of sweeping it clean
        Am                C                F               Dm
When we choose to go were losing more than just our surroundings
    Am              C              F              Dm
Ive gone around the sides of this universe as it stands
   Am                  C             F                 Dm
Outside the limits of all existence; where light never ends

F            C               Dm
We should be grateful to the gods
F              C            Dm  F  Am  C  Dm
Whoever theyre real to they are
  F        C               Dm
I value my placement as in Hell
  F           C              Dm  F  Am  C  Dm
Remember that moment that I fell

Verse 2 (same as verse 1)
Anything that could one day be is as real as what Im saying
If something is nothing it must not be something in any possible way
Lose yourself in the far off worlds that are right under your feet
Switch below with above all the way up into infinity

We should be thankful who we are
Whether we know ourselves or not
Walking alongside myself
Neither of us listens very well

AmAmGF   x4
DmDmDm - Dm

   Am                   G      F
Im dreading a time that is not near
     Am             G       F
As a man on cross I have no fear 
  Am                 G         F
I cant believe these words Im saying
You gotta feel your lines
You gotta feel your lines

End on Am

-One More of Me

Along with its title, it’s really similar to Enough of Me

D            A      G
Now that the day is come
  D          A      G
I see myself as everyone
D           A          G
I am what’s all around me
   D           A          G
No Nothing, it just cannot be
D            A            G
Feeling has come from the sun
D            A               G
Like most everything and everyone
            D            A      G
What seems lost is free from the force
          D                     Bm   F#m    A E
It slowly destroys us and kills all matter of

Bm            A/E         Bm           A    E
Well we don’t control the chance that plays with us
Bm            A/E    Bm      A        E
And we get existence back by hurting others
Bm      A/E          Bm           A    E
When we go the other way, its ourselves we hurt
Bm            A/E         Bm           A    E
But who pushes on through eventually will see every moment’s first
Every moment is first

G                D          A      Em
What’s gone will never come back
        G          D            A      Em
But it exists when you think of it
G           D     A      Em
What is anything anyway
      G         D               Bm          
But a series of things running through your brain
G          D                 A    Em
All of the fucked things you do
        G                 D           A      Em
All the product of what’s happened to you
    G        D           A     Em
Whatever you create from love
     G           D                A     Bm
Is a gift from a place which some call above
        G        D          G      Bm
There’s only the forces of hate and love
G                 D            G      Bm    
One breaks things down and one builds them up

Bm something

-After the Ending

F#m       D       A         D
Pain runs through life
F#m       D       A         D
Pleasures' other side
F#m       D                        A         D
Fear, some say, gives us such long lives
F#m    D          A         D
Leads us where we drive	

F#m       E       D
Time will soon be born
      F#m      E      D     A   Bm   F#m
It is starting at the dawn

        A        C#m      Bm    F#m
And the world is moving towards
            A    C#m      Bm      F#m
Things like opposites and wars
        A        C#m       Bm        F#m
And one knows to hear birds sing
          A           C#m       Bm
There was nothing til the beginning
        A     C#m     Bm    F#m
And the water from my eyes
     A       C#m      Bm    F#m
Is because I care who dies
         A        C#m        Bm     F#m
Although death is transforming
         A       C#m            Bm
There is nothing after the ending

Everything is eternal
Nothingness does no exist
No thing has ever become nothing
And nothing has never become something
What is has always been and will always back

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