John Frusciante - Here Air chords

the chords as i figured them out :

intro: Am

Am G F AmHow can I be you, I could have been
Am G FI would like to start over again
C G FAngels did I fail you with my fall
Am G Fmaj7What are we but the cause of it all
Backwards guitar playing over Am
F CIt's been a long time
Am7 Dm AmOf getting out of myself
F CNow that Iím here I find
Dm AmThat what gives you life
CIs all you are
Am Dm AmIt's you have
C Em C AmHey ya
C Am FHey ya
Am G FHow can I get just one more chance
Am G FI see you in pain and I wish I had
C G FThe ability to be your man
Am C G They once told me that time would come to pass
Another backwards guitar interlude playing over Am
FNow I know
CTo be careful
Dm AmWhat I don't believe
F CCause that fate keeps on going
Dm AmRight out of my reach
C Dm AmWhat's good for you is good for me too
C Em AmDo you hear I'm here for you now
F Am CI am here for you now
Might do a guitar pro edition soon Greetings, Niels
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