John Frusciante – Maybe Live tab ver. 2

Song: Maybe (COVER)
Artist: John Frusciante
Played at Slane Castle in 2003 (By the Way Tour)

When you are listening to this song and watching it pay attention to John’s left hand.
in mind John Frusciante never plays anything the same way live so if you came here to
it EXACTLY how he plays it, you are out of luck. I’m sure these chords are like 99%
There may be 1 note that I said is muted or not played and he let ring out but c’mon
lets get real, I tabbed this by ear and my eyes. The only one I have doubts about is the
1st chord in the song. Some say/think that it is an A# but I don’t think so because if
pay attention to what John does with his left hand he is down on the 1st fret. I have 
this tab as easy to under stand as possible because I know it just makes things easy
you all to see. So I put a lot of notes. I know that seems dumb but it helps beginners.
I HIGHLY suggest you watch the video to get the rhythm down perfectly and to know when
play which chord in coordination with the lyrics. Also he mixes in a lot of up strokes 
there too so look and listen to get those, you can tell by when the chords are played
and closer together. It’s a very easy song once you get the progression down. Once again 
me watching the video will tell you how to do everything Good luck!

Here’s the video:

Low E |-1--1--1--3--5--------------------------------------------------------|

First Verses (Played Twice)

Gmin D#e|---x------3------x----------x-----------------------------------------------|B|---3------3------4----------5-----------------------------------------------|G|---3------3------3----------6-----------------------------------------------|D|---3------5------5----------7-----------------------------------------------|A|---1------5------6----------8-----------------------------------------------|E|---x------x------x----------x-----------------------------------------------|
When John sings 'Oooh Ooooh Ooooh Oooh Ooooh Mayyybe' these chords are played:*Note: Before these chords you play the last chord the 2nd time through the verse (sinceplay it twice) like 8 times (fast) then go to the A# below. (Watch the video for real rhythm) A#e|----------x------x-----x----------------------------------------------------|B|----------6------7-----6----------------------------------------------------|G|----------7------7-----7----------------------------------------------------|D|----------8------7-----8----------------------------------------------------|A|----------8------6----------------------------------------------------------|E|----------x------x----------------------------------------------------------| *Note: when switching from the A# to the next chord instead of changingjust take your pinky out and then barre the B,G, and D strings with your middle finger andyour thumb or index for the A string. Do this every time you play these chords.
Low E |-1--1--1--3--5---------------------------------------------------------| Back to the verse again played (twice)
Gmin D#e|---x------3------x------x--------------------------------------------------|B|---3------3------4------5--------------------------------------------------|G|---3------3------3------6--------------------------------------------------|D|---3------5------5------7--------------------------------------------------|A|---1------5------6------8--------------------------------------------------|E|---x------x------x------x--------------------------------------------------|
And it ends on this just like you did after the fist 2 verses except he says 'Oooh Ooooh Oooh Ooooh Mayyybe' so you do this
A# A#e|----------x------x-----x-----x-----x-----x-----x---------------------------|B|----------6------7-----6-----7-----6-----7-----6---------------------------|G|----------7------7-----7-----7-----7-----7-----7---------------------------|D|----------8------7-----8-----7-----8-----7-----8---------------------------|A|----------8------6-----------6-----8-----6---------------------------------|E|----------x------x-----------x-----x-----x---------------------------------|
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