John Frusciante - This Cold tab version 2

This Cold
John Frusciante
Shadows Collide With People
Standard Tuning (Eadgbe)
Tabbed by mike

well the otha guy that tabbed this is correct but he left out a few lil notes and made 
the chords in hard progresssion.
also john prefers to use his thumb over instead of barring hence the muted notes on the 
chords due to the bass playin it.


Am | F | C | G x2E|-0---1---x---3-|B|-1---1---5---3-|G|-2---2---5---4-|D|-2---3---5---5-|A|-0---3---3---5-|E|-0---x---x---x-|
Listen to the timing for this
First Verse Am | F | C | G x2 I don't need a ride to arrive I don't feel approached any time Interlude
Dm | Am | C | G x2E|-x----5----x---3-|B|-6----5----5---3-|G|-7----5----5---4-|D|-7----7----5---5-|A|-5----7----3---5-|E|-x----5----x---x-|
If you feel a fader on a decline Out of all you've ever been And you won't need time You never need time Second Verse Am | F | C | G x2 I don't need this every God You see every ghost am I Interlude Dm | Am | C | G x2 Have we found a phase to be out of Transfer all your thoughts to me And you won't need love We don't need love Third Verse Am | F | C | G x2 I don't need this sin to go Down to where all forevers flow Interlude Dm | Am | C | G x2 Every fate released is revealed slow Never talking back to me Say it out loud Say it out loud Coda
F | G | Am x8E|-1---3---5-|B|-1---3---5-|G|-2---4---5-|D|-3---5---7-|A|-3---5---7-|E|-1---3---5-|
I feel this cold I never stay and I never go I feel this cold I never stay and I never go Outro Also listen for the timing here as it differs
Hope u like it coz its an awsum song :) Hayzo
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