John Frusciante - All We Have chords version 2

This may be submitted twice now, but I based this on my own interpretation of the 
lyrics and the tablature without lyrics already submitted. Enjoy!

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Em GI'm gonna need someone to dream into
Em GI'm gonna need a place to hide
Em GThese dreams will run into me.
Em GWon't let you ride, you're right.
Bm F#m A EmI've seen a mistake and it turns off the light
Bm F#m A EmI've been chased and been falling to you in decline.
D A EmAnd in the dawn, They throw you.
D A EmI'm going down , I'll break in two.
G D EmIts like I need a one to find, I need tears.
G D EmI mean the final lines, that we've been building up to.
G D EmRunning with you now,
G D EmCould we float at the speed the rain flows?
G D EmDancing lines alone,
G D Bm CAnd all we have is all we believed in anyway
Instrumental: (Repeat until you feel like finishing) Em D c Em D C EM D C G D C
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