John Frusciante – Saturation tab

John Frusciante - Saturation 3:03-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
L & M: John FruscianteTrack 14 From:To Record Only Water For Ten Days2001 Niandra Lades BMI Music.Tabbed By Leandro
Intro: With Violín Guitar:
DmE|----------1------1-|B|-----3------3------|G|---2----------2----|D|-0-----0-----------|A|-------------------|e|-------------------| X 2
Dm C Bb Dm I feel that wheels are turning 'round Dm C Bb Dm Replay C Bb We made you Dm C We made you C Bb We made you Dm C what you were Dm We brought them up that hill Dm C Bb Dm We brought them up to roll them down Dm C Bb Dm down F C Gm Dm In the morning, light might clean you F C Gm F C Gm Dm F C Bb C In the morning, light might clean you out Dm I'm sad that time escapes me Dm C Bb Dm It pushes ahead of me all day C Bb Remind me Chords:
Dm C Bb F GmE|--1--|--0--|--1--|--1--|--3--|B|--3--|--1--|--3--|--1--|--3--|G|--2--|--0--|--3--|--2--|--3--|D|--0--|--2--|--3--|--3--|--5--|A|--X--|--3--|--1--|--3--|--5--|e|--X--|--X--|--X--|--1--|--3--|
Produce By John FruscianteMixed By Jimmy BoyledMixing Assisted By Brian GrimmelMastered By Vlado Meller At Sony Music Studio, New York.-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=--
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