John Frusciante - Running Away Into You tab version 2

John Frusciante
Niandra Lades and Usually Just a T-Shirt
Running Away Into You

This is the only song on the Niandra Lades portion that John didnt record during the 
making of Blood Sugar Sex Magik, the recording of this one happened just after he quit the band.

The bulk of the song is just an F# major chord and then the following chords picked out:

"live where you're poor"Bm D C#m Bm D C#m Bm--------|---------------------------|----------------------|-----7--|-------10-------10------7--|-------10------10--7--|---7----|----11--------9-------7----|----11-------9-----7--|-9------|-12--------11-------9------|-12-------11-------9--|--------|---------------------------|----------------------|--------|---------------------------|----------------------|
and for the "play him a tune" part later, like this:Em G D Em G D Em-----7--|-------10--------10-----7--|-------10-------10-7--|---8----|----12--------10------8----|----12-------10----8--|-9------|-12--------11-------9------|-12-------11-------9--|--------|---------------------------|----------------------|--------|---------------------------|----------------------|--------|---------------------------|----------------------|
But for your convenience, here's the whole song with the lyrics. Not all of it will line up exactly due to the nature of the song, so refer back to it to get the timing down F# Bm Drive up and down through water D C#m Bm Live where you're poor / I heard D C#m Bm between snores F# Bm Sighing babies go to work D C#m Bm D C#m Bm F# Crying days rooted lurk to the back of the room Em G D play him a tune /down low / if the sun could melt like snow Em G D F# Bm I would run to you / and flow into a cloud / melt running away into you D C#m Bm D C#m Bm Bm D C#m Bm D C#m Bm Bm F# G Bm Bm F# G D Em G* D Bm A G F#
G* - play the starred G chord in the outro like this--------|--------|----7---|----9---|---10---|--------|
Well that's it, you should find this tab to be quite accurate but any questions/comments/concerns can be directed to and I will address them.
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