John Frusciante - Past Recedes chords version 1

John Frusciante - The Past Recedes
From the album "Curtains"


G - D - Am - Em (3x)
G - D - Am (Stop)

Verse 1
G D Am Em And then the past recedes
G D Am Em And I won't be involved
G D Am Em The effort to be free
G D Am Seems pointless from above
Verse 2:
G D Am Em You're looking down at me
G D Am Em I'd rather stay below
G D Am Em Than have you staring up at me
G D Am Bsus-B (You can just use B, works fine) There's no where I want to go Chorus 1:
C D#dim7 Em DAy, this business of how long we try to stay alive
C D#dim7 Em Why to be here you've first got to die
DSo I gave it a try
C Em7And what do you know
Am BTime was so long ago
Verse 3
G D Am Em And thinks come back you see
G D Am Em To where they don't belong
G D Am Em And every drop of sea
G D Am Bsus-B (same thing) Is the whole ocean
Chorus 2:
C D#dim7I lied to the greatest thieves
Em DAbout anything and everything
C D#dim7 EmI'm a figure of forgotten speech
DI'm out of reach
C Em7Oh, I can't play it safe
Am BBut I might just in case
Adlib: (Do Intro Chords then on the 4th time G-D-Am-B) Chorus 3
C D#dim7 EmOh, I'm disguised as a reaching hand
DI'm a working man
C D#dim7I don't understand why clockout
Em DComes so slow every time
C Em7 AmThat's one line I stay right behind
C Em7 Am B...That's one line I stay right behind
Yeah... Do Intro Chords 3x then 4th time G-D-Am-B Outro: G Notes: D#dim7 - x6757x -bootyman
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