John Frusciante – This Cold tab

Track 9, found on John Frusciante's 4th solo album, the 2004
"Shadows Collide With People"

here it is, "This Cold", one of my favorite songs next to Carvel and Everyperson. listen 
them, track 1 and 6, theyre so awesome. oh yeah 15's pretty cool too. ratings are 
(I know I said chords, but i threw in guitar 2) very easy but very awesome song.

this is 100%; if you dont think so please at least give it a try with your guitar, and 
dont base it on what it looks like.

(E, A, D, G, B, e)

b = bend
~ = let ring
rb= release bend

Chords used:

Am -02210

F  133211

C  -32010

G  320033

G7 320001

Dm --0231

Am       F      C       G       x2

Guitar 2:(comes in around second measure)Am F C G---------------------------------------15~------------------|-----------------------------------17~-----17~-------17~----|14~--------16-17-------------------------------16h17-----17-|------------------15~---------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------|
Am F C G-----------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|14~--------16-17-------------------------------------|------------------15~--------------14~---------------|--------------------------------------------15~------|-----------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: Am F C G I don't need a ride to arrive Am F C G7 I don't feel approached any time Chorus 1: Dm Am C G7 If you feel a fader on a decline Dm Am C G7 Out of all you've ever been and you won't need time you never need time Verse 2: Am F C G I don't need this every God Am F C G7 You see every ghost am I Chorus 2: Dm Am C G7 Have we found a phase to be out of Dm Am C G7 Transfer all your thoughts to me and you won't need love we don't need love Verse 3: Am F C G I don't need this sin to go Am F C G7 Down to where all forevers flow
Guitar 2:-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|-----------------------------------|12~------8~---------------10~------|-----------------8~----------------|
Chorus 3: Dm Am C G7 Every faith realized is revealed slow Dm AM C G7 Never talking back to me say it out loud I feel this cold Outro: F G Am I feel this cold F G Am I never stay I never go F G Am I feel this cold F G Am I never stay and I never go ahhh!
Guitar 2---------------------------------|10~--8~-10~-----5~---------------|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|---------------------------------|
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