John Frusciante - Nature Falls tab

Main Riff:-|-----------------------------------------|-|-----------------------------------------|-|-----------------------------------------|-|-----------------------------------------|-|----2---4------------2---4---------------|-|-3---------0-----3----------0------------|
Em Am Help us about, its gets torn out (Main Riff) We become the cream Em Am Your at home, you've gone out (Main Riff) You can never sleep in D Em And all the west you'de lie D Em And all the times his source and you Am Bm died in your shelf Em You could never go on Bm Em And now you're singing this song Em Am Nature falls make the wrong move (Main Riff) You look for the new day Em Am And all days are long (Main Riff) It will go on D Em Leave your past behind D Em Am Bm Go on, with yourself go on (?) Em Bm Em Initiate a sound, move the waves around
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