John Frusciante – For Emily Simon Garfunkel tab

John Frusciante – For Emily (live)

By: B.Zurek.

-------8-----------8-----------8-----------8-------|---10----10----10----10----10----10----10----10—---|12----------12----------12----------12-------------| PLAY TWICE---------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|
CHORDS (1st Verse), you can either strum or play little 4 note arpeggios
D C C/B Am G F D-x-----0----0---0------3----x-----0-----x-|-3-----1----1---1------0----1-----1-----3-|-2-----0----0---2------0----2-----0-----2-|-4-----2----x---2------0----3-----2-----4-|-5-----3----2---0------2----3-----3-----5-|-x-----x----x---x------3----1-----x-----x-|
CHORDS (Rest of the verses begin with G)
G C C/B Am G F D-3-----0----0---0------3----x-----0-----x-|-0-----1----1---1------0----1-----1-----3-|-0-----0----0---2------0----2-----0-----2-|-0-----2----x---2------0----3-----2-----4-|-2-----3----2---0------2----3-----3-----5-|-3-----x----x---x------3----1-----x-----x-|
D C C C/B Am G (top 2 bass notes if you like) What a dream I had, pressed in organdy G F Clothed in crinoline of smokey burgandy C D Softer than the rain G C C C/B Am G I wandered empty streets, down past the shop display G F I heard cathedral bells, tripping down the alley-way C D As I walked on G C C C/B G And when you ran to me, your cheeks flushed with the night G F We walked on frosted fields of juniper and lamplight C D I held your hand G C C C/B Am G And when I awoke and felt your warm and near G F I kissed your honey hair, with my grateful tears C D Oh I love you girl F G D Ohhhhh, I looooove youuuuuuuuuu
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