John Gorka - That Was The Year chords

Artist: John Gorka
Song:   That Was The Year
Album:  So Dark You See, 2009, Blue Chalk Records & Red House Records

Intro: C F C F C F Dm G

C FThat was the year he combed his hair
C F He did it himself I do declare
C F wore it out in the open air
Dm GAnd smiled for all the ladies
Can't really say it was in style Not by a mile, it was off the dial He'd do it then every once in a awhile There's a painting I can show ye
F G That was the year his hat was stole
F C Pilfered by an elfin troll
F Knocked him on his head and his
C Head was swole
Dm G Early in the morning
When he woke he was alone Money gone all on its own His pillow was the smoothest stone His bed it was primeval Left to die on the forest floor He was saved by Edward the matador Who was there in town to settle a score A duel at twenty paces Ed bound his wounds by a sylvan creek Spoke of a very young Veronique And other "true loves" so to speak As the mob came within earshot That was the year he washed his face I recall the time and place He'd just left an inner space And was hoping for a landing That was the year he scrubbed his ears He'd never heard a voice so clear 'Til she whispered that word in his ear That he has not forgotten That was the year he combed his hair I was a witness, I was there The day was warm and the sky was fair And her glanced changed him forever
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