John Hiatt – I Want Your Love tab

|Dj7 |A |Dj7 |A C#7 |
|F#- |Dj7 |E/G# E7/G# |Asus |
|2/4 Dj7 D6 |4/4 A |A |

Dj7                       |A         |
 Unlock these chains and let me out
Dj7                      |A      C#7  |
 I want the love you're talkin' about
F#-           |Dj7           |
 I want a job, I wanna care
E/G#                |As         A  |2/4 Dj7 D6 |4/4 A |
 I want to find you ev'rywhere

Dj7                  |A         |
I want a house and a fireplace
Dj7                     |A           C#7   |
Screw the pain, I want a smile on my face
F#-           |Dj7               |
I want to take some kind of cure
E/G#              |Asus          A |
I'm tired of being cold and sure

C#-                 |Dj7               |
I know I'm not your high school dreamB- |A |
No, he got lost in the washing machineC#- |Dj7I am a student who picks his nose |B- |E/G# So come over here and take off your clothes |B- |A |Take off your clothes
Dj7 |A | I'm on my knees if that's what you need Dj7 |A C#7 | If it's blood you crave, well then I'm ready to bleed F#-7 |Dj7 |
Love is blind, but love can seeE/G# |Asus / A /G# |I want your love inside of meF#- |Dj7 |Love is blind, ah but love can seeE/G# |Asus A || I want your love inside of me
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