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From Sun May  4 10:24:03 1997
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 08:31:15 -0700
From: Otto Marten 
Subject: CRD: John Hiatt - She Said the Same Thing To ME

She Said The Same Thing To Me
John Hiatt / Warming up to the Ice Age 1985

             1                           6-
You know she talks like ev'rybody in the room
                 1      6-
Was gonna listen in
Carries on a conversation
          6-                         1     6-
Like some others call their children in
Tho you can't believe one sentence
Man you hang on ev'ry word
Til the line of trash she's talkin'
Just gets more and more absurd
Well I give it to you brother
|6-           5            |1     /
 She said the same thing to me

It was at another party
But to her I guess they're all the same
You know she'll ask you for a lite
And pretty soon she wants to know your name
When she drops her tone to sweetness
Man you know she's zeroed in
There's another sucker waitin'
Even as she reels you in
Well I'm here to tell you brother
She said the same things to me

        4                 4
"Do you drive a nice car
            1            1
And are you goin' far
        4                   4
Are you man enuff for me"
      2-                 5
Yes I am   All nite  All nite

Once you get her out the door
Man she just wants you to take her home
You thot that you were Mr. Cool
Ma this chick has got a heart of stone
Before you need a cold shower
Take a tip friend if you please
This rap she's layin' on you
Is just a bogus strip tease
Well I'm here to tell you brother
She said the same thing to me

Number System:  Key Scale Notes (example in key of C)
 1=C  2=D  3=E  4=F  5=G  6=A  7=B  9=D  ETC.
     b2=Db     #4=F#          b7=Bb
These hold true for BASS NOTES [ 2-/5 = D-/G ]

Duration Notation:
| = bar line; within bar lines chords divide measure
No bar line = chord gets entire measure's time
 / = play same as previous chord, beat or measure

transcribed by OtMan (Otto Marten)
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