John Hiatt - Real Fine Love chords

Intro: D G, G D (walk bass between the two)

DWell now I never went to college, babe
A BmI did not have the luck
G DI rolled out of Indiana in the back of a pickup truck
D A BmNo education higher than the streets of my hometown
G A DI went looking for a fire just to burn it all down
D GYou've got a real fine love
DYou've got a real fine love
D GOne I am unworthy of
G DYou've got a real fine love, baby
Well I thought I had a line on something Maybe no one else could say They couldn't find it in their hearts To just get out of my way Then out of nowhere, and for nothing You came into my life I'd seen an angel or two before But I never asked one to be my wife CHORUS SOLO ON VERSE CHORDS Well you can sprinkle all your teardrops Across that evening sky But you cannot hide the twinkle of starlight in your eyes I left my map way back there baby, I don't know where we are But I'm gonna pull my pony up and hitch my wagon to your star CHORUS 2x OUTRO ON CHORUS CHORDS
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