John Hiatt - Circle Back chords

"Circle Back" By John Hiatt
G Am G AmWard bond Was his sidekick Rowdy Yates?
G Am G AmDrove that wagon train out West Right along this interstate
G Am G AmCross the high plains of Kansas To the Colorado line
G AmSpent a lot of sleepless nights 'Round the campfire
G AmThey had mountains on their minds
G Am G AmThose high plains people They're different somehow
G Am You spent your life leaning into a hard wind
G AmI guess you're less likely to take a bow
G Am G AmAll these stories buried out here They're calling to me
G Am G AmLike the earthquakes in California Like the hills back in Tennessee
D C AmI gotta circle back, Touch something near
D Am CFind out which way to go to get on out of here
Am CI lost my thread and I've lost some time
Am D CBut it takes a lot of ground for me to change my mind
G Am G AmWell its 99 in Topeka The wind is blowin' hot
G Am G AmBlowin through my oldest daughter's hair With everything else I forgot
G Am G AmI drove her out to college Drove back through an empty space
G Am G AmThinkin' back to when she was a baby Tryin' hard to see that face
[Chorus:] same as above (Use same chords for final verse;G Am G Am on each line) Two kids up and at 'Em One more left at home She's a spark plug, a real fire cracker And in four years she'll be gone They just blow through your life Like the wind on the plains Like the dust that covers everything 'Til the rivers fill with rain [Chorus:] repeat Submitted by BENDAVE
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