John Hiatt – Lipstick Sunset tab

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From: Paul Hutchinson (

The acoustic guitar here is in dropped-D tuning (DADGBE). NB A tip for
playing it - the top E string  is  mostly avoided apart from the motif
that connects the verses, which goes something like:

I had a go at tabbing the slide part, but I quickly realised I haven't a clue about playing slide (which doesn't help when you're trying to transcibe Ry Cooder!). Does anybody else want to try?- if it's any help, I'd be reasonably certain that it's in either open D or open E tuning. Corrections and comments welcome, as always... LIPSTICK SUNSET - John Hiatt ---------------------------- D G D A G There's a lipstick sunset smeared across the August sky A D Bm There's a bitter sweet perfume hanging in the fields A The creek is running high G D F# Bm E And I left my love a-waiting in the dawn somewhere to wonder why D D/F# G By the end of the day all her sweet dreams would fade A D G A D To a lipstick sunset And the radio was playing and that old summer heat was on the rise I just had to get away before some sad old song Brought tears to my eyes And Lord I couldn't tell her that her love was only killing me By the end of the day all her sweet dreams would fade To a lipstick sunset Well it's pretty as a picture, red and blushing, just before the night Maybe love's like that for me, Maybe I can only see as you take away the light But hold me in the darkness - we can dream about the cool twilight Til the dawning of the day when I make my getaway To a lipstick sunset G D D/F# G There will come another day, and I'll make my getaway A D To a lipstick sunset ----- Chords used: D 000232, G 550033, A x02220, Bm x24432, F# 4x432x, E 222100, D/F# 40023x
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