John Hiatt - Through Your Hands chords


By: John Hiatt

Standard tuning

x means dub or don't play.

E       079900
A       7x9900
B       9x7900


G#m7    464474
F#m7    242242
B7sus   x24x50
B7      x24240

INTRO:  E   A   B   E   A   B

//// //// //// //

E A BYou were dreamin' on a park bench by the broad highway somewhere
E A BWhen music from the carilon it seemed to hurl your heart out there
E A B Past the scientific darkness, past the fireflies that float
E A BTo an angel bending down to wrap you in her warmest coat
G#m7And you ask, "What am I not doing?"
F#maj7She says, "Your voice cannot command."
B7susShe says, "In time, you will move mountains,
B7 Eand it will co-------ome through your hands."
E A BStill you argue for an option, still you angle for your case
E A BLike you wouldn't know a burnin' bush if it blew up in your face
E A BYeah, we scheme about the future as we dream about the past
E A BWhen just a simple reachin' out might build a bridge that lasts
CHORUS, then: BREAK: G F#maj7 Emin7 A7sus4 A7 //// //// //// //// //// //// //// //// Yeeaahhh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
E A BSo whatever your hands find to do, go on and do it with all your heart
E A BThere are thoughts enough to blow men's minds and tear great worlds apart
E A BThere's a healin' touch to find you out on that broad highway somewhere
E A BTo lift you high like music flyin through the angel's hair.
G#m7Don't ask what you are not doing
F#maj7 Because your voice cannot command
B7susYou see, in time, we will move mountains
B7And it will come through --
--no chord-------- E A B E A B Right through your hands. //// //// //
E A BThrough your hands //// //// //
E A (slow & fade on A, then end on E) Through your haaannnnddss....
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