John Legend – Stereo chords

I’m still only learning the guitar, but this one sounds about right – basically A minor, 
and E minor. Feel free to update it.

Am CShe's a fast love professional, crafty bold and beautiful
EmStage right, locked eyes, I swear it's magical
Am CHer name is Melanie, says she digs my melodies
EmLikes how I move, thinks I'm cool that's what she says to me
C Am EmBig stage, bright light, short love, long night
EmFrequent flights through the skies to some stars
Am CI come back to town, she's hangin' around
EmIt still feels so real but it can't go too far.
Am CHer favourite colours be platinum and gold
EmShe only loves in stereo. She only loves in stereo.
Am CI should know 'cause I've seen it before
EmI think I gotta let her go, she only loves in stereo!
Am C EmOh oh... oh oh... oh oh
Am CTurn on the video, oh my goodness there she goes
EmNow I'm hot, seems I'm not the only one she knows
Am CName dropping everyday, I still want her anyway
EmI like how she moves, think she's cool, my favourite get away
C Am EmBig stage, bright light, short love, long night
EmDeja vu, yeah, we do it again
Am COff to the next town, she's onto the next round
EmLet it go, we both know that it's all gonna end, oh
C AmShe fell in love with the radio
EmIt wasn't really me, so I had to let her go
Am CJust ask any DJ back in her hometown
EmShe likes to get around
EmAs much as she gets down
[Chorus] etc
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