Where Did My Baby Go chords with lyrics by John Legend - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

John Legend – Where Did My Baby Go chords



G Em7 G Em7 

Gmaj7 Where did my baby go
E7 Am7 Dsus DI wonder where she ran off too
Gmaj7I miss my baby so
E7 Am7 Dsus DI'm calling but I can't get through
Bm7 E7Please tell that girl if you meet her
Am7 Fmaj7 That someone's longing to see her
Gmaj7Where did my baby go
E7 Am7I wish that she would get back soon
D GGet back soon
Gmaj7 Em7I'm searching for the lover that I knew
Gmaj7Have you see her
Em7Where did she go
Am7 D GFeels like I just lost my only friend
Gmaj7 Em7 Flames subsided colours faded
Gmaj7 Em7Love just got so complicated
Am7 D Gmaj7Wished that I could see her smile again
Em E7So if you see her out there
Am7 DTell her I’m still here
Bm7 E7 Am7 D Waiting for the day when she will reappear
And so on and so forth. Enjoy. (:
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