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WATCHING THE WEELS-J. Lennon/  µ@X¡'s Version /


A lo largo de las estrofas, y en la intro, hace una figura así (ubicarla entre los acordes)


INTRO RIFFe|----------------|B|-----0----1-0---|G|-0-2--2-0-----0-|D|----------------|A|----------------|E|----------------|
G C G People say I'm crazy - doin' waht I what I'm doing G C G Well, they give me all kinds of warnings - to save me from ruin C Am D When I say that I'm O.K. well they look at me kinda strange: C Am D "Surely you're not happy now - you no longer play the game." People say I'm lazy - dreamin' my life away. Well, they give me all kinds of advice - designed to enlighten me. Well they tell 'em that I'm doin fine watching shadows on the wall: "Don't you miss the big time, boy ? You're no longer on the ball." C D G Em I'm just sitting here watching the weels go round and round C Em Am7 Am7/G I really love to watch them roll. D D/C Em Em/D No longer riding on the mercy ground. Em/C# (Arpegio en Em/C#) C D# I just had to let it go. People asking questions - lost in confusion. Well, I tell them there's no problem, - only solutions. shake their heads and they look at me sa if I've lost my mind. - I tell them there's no hurry. I'm just sitting here doing time.- I'm just sitting... G Em/C#(sin arpegio) C D# I just had to let it go X2 G Em/C#(sin arpegio) C D# G G7 I Just had to...let it go Mejoras o comentarios, ya saben.
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