John Lennon – Borrowed Time tab

"Borrowed Time"
John Lennon

I think it's actually played with capo on the 6th fret. But I suggest that you first
try it in the way I wrote it down. It also sounds beautiful. Otherweise just take the
capo and ruin your voice.

"Ready for a little reggae, I think. Yes. Okay then, let's go! Welcome to Bermuda."

D          A         E
When I was younger a-ha
Living confusion and deep despair
When I was younger a-ha
Live in illusion of freedom and power

When I was younger a-ha
Full of ideals and broken dreams, my friend
When I was younger a-ha
Everything simple but not so clear

Refrain: (always two times!)

D          E       A    A  Asus4  A Asus2  A
Living on borrowed time
D           E
Without a thought for tomorrow

Now I am older a-ha
The more I see the less that I know for sure
Now I am older a-ha
The future is brighter and now is the hour

Refrain: ...

Good to be older a-ha
Would not exchange a single day or a year
Good to be older, a-ha
Do not believe in those days I missed

Refrain: ...
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