John Mark Mcmillan - I Am A Temple chords version 1

CDeep inside me
GThere's this burning
Am FThat just won't let me go
You are my fire You are my righteousness You are my rock in roll I wish I could fit you Down inside my chest God I wish I could swallow you whole I'd wrap you up In a blanket of my skin And you could call my body home C I am a temple G I am a temple
F My body is a temple
G FI am a temple, I... (repeat)
G C So what if I'm not worthy
AmSo what if I'm not worthy
GSo what if I'm not worthy
Am GYou have made me clean
C GI can't get over how quickly you recover
Am FThe pieces of my heart as they shatter
CCause in your hands I am
GMore than just a brand new man
AmAnd all my falling down now
FWell, Its just don't matter
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