John Mark Mcmillan - Carbon Ribs chords

So i'm pretty sure this is right, but I AM human so comment if you have a correction to 

Intro/Main Riff-E|-------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----9----------9------------9------------9---------9--------|G|---9---9------9---9--------9---9--------9---9-----9---9------|D|---------X2----------X2-----------X2-------------------------| x2A|-7-----------------------0----------------------7------------|E|-------------7------------------------7----------------------|
E B A B x2
EA Thousand pairs of fiery eyes
BBurn like a serpent down the hwy 5
A B EAs the Long amber tail to Los Angeles unwinds
EI've got resurrection down in side my skin
BBut for all my revealating
AI just canít make sense
B EOf this gravity we're in
C#mCause I'm a dead man now with a ghost who lives
BWithin the confines of these carbon ribs
A BAnd one day when I'm free
C#mI will sit
B E BThe cripple at your table
A B EThe cripple by your side
EA thousand miles of pain I'm sure
BLed you to the threshold of my hearts screen door
A ETo tell me what it is I'm dying for
Gravity comes like a cold cold rain
BTo lead me to the rope again
A B EBut someone is standing in my place
C#m BAnd I sit beside you
A BAnd I sit beside you
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