John Mark Mcmillan - Ten Thousand chords version 2

Hi, this is my first time doing chords but this is how I play the song 
Ten Thousand by the incredible worshipper John Mark McMillan. 
The changes can be a little quick. 

Also (based on the bass notes I can hear in the album version) at the line
"Where the blood of a husband silences wars" the SECOND E is different 
to a regular E major chord; which I play like this:

e ---0---B ---0---G ---9---D ---9---A ---7---E ---0---
So at that line, you go from E to C#m and then slide up to the second type of E. Or at least I do. Your choice :)
All the best. Enjoy the chords, God Bless. Verse 1
E B E Ten thousand glimmering like coals in our chest
C#m B E ABall bearings drawn to the magnetic breath
E B E Of ten thousand weeping with wings on their tears
C#m B E AAmidst ten thousand voices for ten thousand years
E B E For ten thousand graves yawning unlocked and unlatched
C#m B E ANow ten thousand holes with rocks on their backs
E B E Ten thousand tombs gaping wide singing the praise
C#m B E AOf ten thousand bodies unlaced and unlaid
Pre - Chorus
B C#m AAs the ten thousand highways unfold their doors
B C#m AFor the ten thousand standing on Nineveh's shores
E A E Where the blood of a husband silences wars
A B EFor the girl who rises to meet him
EAnd she sings
AWorld, I have overcome you
EWorld, I have overcome you
BWorld, I have overcome
A BBy my song and the blood of a son
Verse 2 Ten thousand rivers run red like my veins Where the bones of men hum like a rattling cage For sinew to cling to for wind to remain In ten thousand lungs for ten thousand days Breathing like a choir of holes in the ground Where the cynical have lain, where the cynical go down Save the gravity of time lets go of her drowned Like ten thousand sparrows unlocked and unwound
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