John Mark Mcmillan - Sheet Of Night chords

John Mark McMillan
Sheet of Night
From the upcoming album "Economy"
Tabbed by: Chad Miller

John Mark picks the verse chords with his fingers to give it a different
sound. Once the album comes out I'll figure out the lead parts. I'm also 
deciphering the lyrics from a couple of live recordings, so those may
change as well. 

Capo 7
Verse 1
F C The devil's dealing dirty
Em Am F - C F - Cin broken hearts and counterfeit currency
F C Where the living isn't easy
Em Am F - C F - Cwhere your hearts regret can tax the air you breathe
F G AmLike diamonds we shine up against a sheet of night
Cthe jet black sheet of night
F G AmWe overtake the city scapes, we scale the heights
C Fwhere we break but we don't die
C GWhoa-oh, we've got a blood, we've got a love that'll brave the flood
F GWhoa-oh, we've got a blood, we've got a love that'll brave
Verse 2 the cold will leave you guilty and the wind will shake you like a tambourine Where the dogs will leave you hungry and your superiors will tax the blood you bleed Pre-chorus, Chorus x2 Bridge
Am FWhoa-oh, Whoa-oh (We've got a blood)
G EmWhoa-oh, Whoa-oh (that'll brave the flood)
If you have any input or corrections, check out my blog for more info and let me know if you have any songs you need help with. God bless!
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