John Mark Mcmillan - Dress Us Up chords

Intro: C  F

Verse 1
C Dress us up in Your righteousness
F Bring us in with a ring and a kiss
Am7When You walk into the room You know I can't resist
Gsus4 FEvery bottle of perfume always ends up on the floor in a mess
Verse 2
CYou make us sparkle and You make us shine
FLike stars who sing on Your chorus lines
Am7Through space and time we'll harmonize
Gsus4 F CWhere deep meets deep like the ocean meets the sky Yeah
F The sun and the moon
CThey come out of their grave just for You
FThe dead man and the cynical too, they're coming out of their grave
GAnd it's just for you
FCause the love of God is stronger
CThe love of God is stronger
GThe love of God is stronger than the power of death
FThe love of God is stronger
CThe love of God is stronger
Dm7The love of God is stronger
GThan the power of death
(Intro) Verse 3
CDress us up in the blood of a Son
FWho opened up His veins so that we could overcome
Am7Hell and the grave in the power of His love
Gsus4After three dark days He showed us how it's done
FAnd He still does
(Repeat Verse 2) (Pre-Chorus/Chorus) Bridge/Outro
C FHis love is stronger, stronger. His love is stronger, stronger(repeat)
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