John Mayer - Something To Believe In tab

John Mayer - Something to Believe in
Tabbed by: Chris Baird

Capo 5
h- Hammer on
p- Pull off
~- Let ring while you play the rest

1e--X--X---X--X-| b--3--3---3--3-| G--0--0---0-0-| D--0--0---0--0-|A--2--3---0--X-| E--X--X0h2--3-|
4 REPEAT 3Xe--X--X--X--X---*--X--X--X--X----*--X--X--|b--3--3--3--3---*--3--3--3--3----*--2--3--|G--0--0--0--0---*--0--2--0--2----*--2--2--|D--0--0--0--0--*-(2)-0--2--0----*--2--0--|A--2--3--X--X--*-(2)-X--3--X----*--0--X--|E--X--X--2--32-*--0--2--X--3--2-*--X--3--|
Intro(1) 2x (1) I never was the one who had my head on straight (1) So I got myself this job and now Im praying everyday (2) for my bags to be inspected (3) (for) some crazy reason Im always suspected of smuggling something through, like smoke or dope or airplane glue (??????) chorus (4) I know you got something to believe in Down deep inside your soul Hey friend, dont you stop believing In the dreams that you had When you were just a lad (can I have a little more high-end up here?) repeats everything for the second verse and chorus (1) can I have a little more vocal up here, sorry end on e(3)- b--3-- G--0-- D--0-- A--2-- E--3--
Jam with something like:For those who are guitar scholars, it's just C IonianEnd on (#) thats the roote------------------------------------------------13-15--|b-------------------------------------(11)-13-15--------|G-------------------------------12-14-------------------|D--------------------(10)/12-14-------------------------|A------------10-12-14-----------------------------------|E-(8)/10-12--------------------------------------------|
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