John Mayer – Hurt tab

 John Mayer - The Hurt
 Tabbed by: Oleg.Ostyak

The song at first may be hard to play with the same rhythm that he plays it with but
a standard John Mayer slapping technique...In this song he plays a sort of bass to it too
will help you figure the rhythm. He basically plays the root or top note as his bass
of so for the first chord A he plays the A string then finger picks the xx222x and so
It's kinda weird to explain but you can get it in no time believe me.
Pre-ChorusE|--------------| |-----|B|--0---5-------| |--0--|G|--1---7-6-7---| |--7--|D|--0---5-------| 2X |--6--|A|--2---x-------| |--7--|E|--0---5-------| |-----|
BridgeE|------------------------------------------------|B|--0--------3--3---3------0------2---0---0---0---|G|--6--(4)---2--h4--2------1-2-1--1---7---6---7---|D|--4---6----2---------5---0------2---6---4---6---|A|--5---4----3-------------2------0---7---x---7---|E|------5---------------------------------5-------|This is tabbed from a video...I've watched a few times.
Here are the full and actualy chords of the song Verse: (x0222x)(4x242x)(2x422x) (5x565x/5x575x/5x565x) (x5460x) (3x353x/3x343x) x0222x x7675x Chorus: (02010x)(5x765x) Bridge: (x5465x/x5445x) (5x645x/5x445x) (x3243x/x3223x)
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