John Mayer – Without You tab

Riff G Cadd9 D G Cadd9e|-----3--------3---------------2h3-2h3-----------3-----------3----|B|-------3--------3-------------------------------3-----------3----|G|------------------------0-----------------0-----------0----------|D|--------------------------0-----------------0------------2-------|A|---------------------3------------------2-----------3------------|E|-3---------3-----------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1 Riff G Cadd9 D I count the minutes on the clock Em Cadd9 I count the days as they roll by G Cadd9 D Here to listen when I talk Em Cadd9 Here to hold me when I cry Em and as the weeks pass on D You’re still gone Cadd9 I still wish that you were here Em Now I will close my eyes D Ask myself why Cadd9 Why did you disappear Verse 2 Riff G Cadd9 D summer seasons come and gone Em Cadd9 And now the leaves fall from the trees G Cadd9 D And like the branches my hearts barren Em Cadd9 Your voice echoes in the breeze Em D So winter's yet to come...and your still gone Cadd9 Sala-tine you're so alone Em D There’s only lint’s and nears, only to free my fears, Cadd9 it Feels good to let me go Chorus G D Where are you now Em Where have you gone Cadd9 Are you ever coming back G Is this your way of neon D Look into my eyes Em You will find what you're searching for Cadd9 You will raise again in me she said the fire that burns forever more Verse 3 Em I search under the stars Cadd9 For the burning light, to ... your love for me Asus4 G D Skies as empty as its trees Cadd9 D Cadd9 Nights are bare, not as clique Chorus G D where are you now Em Where have you gone Cadd9 Are you ever coming back G Is this your way of neon D Was it something I said Em Was it something I didn't say Cadd9 Do the words I left unspoken G Still keep you away D Where are you now Em Cadd9 Where have you gone .... at the end play the riff 2x
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