John Mayer – Distance tab

transcribed by Catherine Gagné

Capo 4th fret


"Is why I leave before.."
Distance is the reason she and me don't really talk no more It's written on my ticket information on the freezer door Hey, I'm not sorry I got what came coming for me It's only everything I wanted all life long Love was made to devastate ? I wish my love could stay around a little more Distance is... Distance Distance is... It's what it is It's what it is now Distance makes a woman want to hear 'I love you' more than once If I could find the word that feels remotely like the feeling is Hey, I'm still lucky I will not succumb to all this I'll blame temptation by the women all my life Cos love was made to devastate only closest friendships Love will a find a love that's closest all the time Distance is... Distance Distance is... Distance Is why I leave before I hear myself say goodbye again Goodbye, goodbye Distance makes a copy of my face that she will bend inside her dreams The blood on all these clothes from the telephonic surgeries Distance makes a man believe that loyalty is a thankless chore Loyalty is the reason I leave semen on my hotel floor, yeah Distance is... Distance Distance is... It's what it is It's what it is now Lyrics taken from
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