John Mayer – Back To You chords

Back To You by John Mayer

Capo 2

G Em Am D CE|-3-|-0-|-0-|-2-|-0-|a|-2-|-2-|-0-|-0-|-3-|d|-0-|-2-|-2-|-0-|-2-|g|-0-|-0-|-2-|-2-|-0-|b|-3-|-0-|-1-|-3-|-1-|e|-3-|-0-|-0-|-2-|-0-|
GBack to you
EmIt always comes around
Back to you
AmI tried to forget you
DI tried to stay away
EmBut it's too late
GOver you
EmI'm never over
Over you
AmSomething about you
DIt's just the way you move
EmThe way you move me
Em C DI'm so good at forgetting
Em C DAnd I quit every game I play
Em Bm CBut forgive me, love
Am DI can't turn or walk away
GBack to you
EmIt always come around
Back to you
AmI walk with your shadow
DI'm sleeping in my bed
EmWith your silhouette
Em C DShould have smiled on that picture
Em C DIf that's the last that I'll see of you
Em Bm CIt's the least that you
Am DCould not do
G CLeave the light on
D GI'll never give up on you
D G CLeave the light on
EmFor me too
BFor me too
BbFor me too
instrumental: G-Em-Am-Em
GBack to me
EmI know that it comes
Back to me
AmDoesn't it scare you
DYour will is not as strong
EmAs it used to be
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