John Mayer – Born And Raised tab

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Intro & Verse

G Bm7 F Ce-----------2---------------------------------|b---3-------3/5-------1--------1--------------|g---4-------x---------2--------0--------------|d---5-------4---------3--------2--------------|a---x-------2---------x--------3--------------|e---3-----------------1-----------------------|
Verse 1 Now and then I pace my place I can’t retrace how I got here I cheat and lie to check my fates it’s slightly harder than last year Verse 2 I still have dreams and I’m the same they don’t fly as high as they used to I saw my friend he’s in my head and he said, “you don’t remember me do you?” Verse 3 I still got time I still got faith I call on both of my brothers I got a Mom I got a Dad but they do not have each other Chorus: The first time he plays:
Em G C e---0-----------------3---------------------|b---0-------3---------1---------------------|g---0-------4---------0---------------------|d---2-------5---------2---------------------|a---2-------x---------3---------------------|e---0-------3-------------------------------|
The next time: Em7 G C e---0-------3---------3---------------------|b---3-------3---------1---------------------|g---0-------0---------0---------------------|d---2-------0---------2---------------------|a---2-------x---------3---------------------|e---0-------3-------------------------------|
and all at once it gets hard to take it gets hard to fake what I won’t be cause one of these days I’ll be born and raised and it’s such a waste to grow up lonely Bridge: While he plays the harmonica:
G C Csus2 Am7(you can also play Am) e---3--------------------------------------|b---0/1/0----1---------1--------1----------|g---0--------0---------0--------0----------| x3 (C Csus2 Am7)d---0--------2---------0--------2----------|a---x--------3---------2-------------------|e---3--------------------------------------|
C Csus2 Am7 D/F#e-----------------------------------2----|b-------1---------1--------1--------3----|g-------0---------0--------0--------3----| d-------2---------0--------2--------0----|a-------3---------2-----------------x----|e-----------------------------------2----|
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