John Mayer - In Repair Acoustic chords version 1

This is my "first tab" but I've been rewriting messed up tabs for myself for a 
while. Version 2 has some funky chords at the end of the chorus (sorry to call out 
the author, but that's just the way it is). Anyway, I love this song, so I figured 
the world could use a 100% accurate version.

Capo 2, or open if the falsetto flip is a tad high for you guitar lovin' baritones out there.

Intro: G, F, C x2            

G F CTo many shadows in my room
G F CTo many hours in this midnight
G F CTo many corners in my mind
G F CSo much to do to set my heart right
Am D G F C Oh, its taking so long I could be wrong, I could be ready.
Am D G F COh, but if I take my hearts advice I should assume it's still unsteady.
C Em C D Em C DI am... In repair. I am... In repair.
Verse Two:
G F CStood on the corner for a while.
G F CTo wait for the wind to blow down on me.
G F CHoping it takes away my old ways.
G F CAnd brings some brand new look upon me.
Chorus Solo: Chords from Chorus Verse Three:
G F CAnd now Im walking in a park.
G F CAnd all of the birds they dance below me.
G F CMaybe when things turn green again.
G F CIt will be good to say you know me.
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