John Mayer – Age Of Worry tab ver. 2

Tabbed by Rocio

It sounds great to me. Feel free to ask, comment, rate...

You can watch John playing it live here:

Lyrics: Close your eyes and close your self Build your heart an army to defend your innocence While you do everything wrong Dont be scared to walk alone dont be scared to like it Theres no time that you must be home so sleep where your darkness falls Alive in the age of worry Smile in the age of worry Go wild in the age of worry and sing, Worry, why should I care? No your fight is not with them yours is with your timing Dream your dreams but dont pretend Be friends with what you are Give your heart then change your mind youre allowed to do it cause God knows its been done to you and somehow you got through it Alive in the age of worry Rage in the age of worry Sing out in the age of worry and sing, Worry, why should I care? Rage in the age of worry Act your age in the age of worry and sing, Worry, get out of here!
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