John Mayer – Covered In Rain tab

Covered In Rain
Transcribed By Daniel Aramaki

Drop D Tuning

OK.  Throughout this entire song, I’m not sure if he ever plays the same thing twice.
Because of that, It is VERY difficult to tab out.  I will try though.

With this intro part he plays these chords in a variety of wayse---------------------b----3----10---11-----g----0----(0)--(0)----d----3----10---10-----a----1-----8----8-----D----1-----8----8-----
Here are a few of them. Just listen to the song and use your imagination.e|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|--3---3---X-----3----------3~---10---10-----11----11----10-----|G|--0---0---X-----0--------0-------0-----------0-----0-----0-----|D|--3---3---X-----3------3--------10----------10----10----10-----|A|--------------------------------8-------8---8---8-----8--------|D|--1-------X---1------1-----------------------------------------|
Ok the Backup guitar plays these chords throughoute|---3-------1-------1-------------8------8----------------------|B|---3-------3-------3-----------6------6------------------------|G|---3-------2-------3---------7------7--------------------------|D|---1-------3-------1-------8-----------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------|
This is where it gets confusing. I’ll try and explain it the best I can. For your finger position, use your thumb on the first fretOf the low E (now D) and your index finger on the first fret of the B string and leave it there. Then your pinky and ring fingers go on the notes on the third frets.e|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|---3--3--3----1h3---3--3--3--3----1----------------------------|G|---0--0--0----0-----0--0--0--0----0----------------------------|D|---3--3--3----3-----3--3--3--3----3----------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------|E|---1--------1-----1------------1-------------------------------|
Now use your thumb on the first fret of the A string. And leave Everything else the samee|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|---3--3--3----1h3---3--3--3--3----3----------------------------|G|---0--0--0----0-----0--0--0--0----0----------------------------|D|---3--3--3----3-----3--3--3--3----3----------------------------|A|---1-------1------1-------------1------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
Repeat that whole thing a couple of times. THAT is the basis of the whole song with variations throughout the whole thing. The solo he plays is pretty tough. Too tough to tab out! But I think he starts with a C major and Then goes into a B flat major pentatonic scales. But I’m not sure. Lyrics In these days with the world getting colder She spends more time sleeping over Than I planned. Tonight we're gonna order in Drinking wine and watching CNN It's dark I know, but then again It's the brightest thing I've got. When I'm covered in the rain, rain When I'm covered in the rain, rain, rain, rain From fireworks to fireplaces Summer stole what fall replaces And there were people watching all the people People watching us right back now. Standing by the missing signs At the CVS by the checkout line She puts her crying hands in mine Cause she's the brightest thing I've got. When I'm covered in the rain, rain When I'm covered in the rain, rain, rain, rain Oh I'm covered in the rain Oh I'm covered in the rain Oh I'm covered in the rain Oh no no oh no no no And come December Lydia left She mentions something bout it being for the best And I can't say I disagree, it's killing me And now I'm standing facing West Tracing my fingers around her silhouette I haven't gotten used to yet But it's the brightest thing I got. When I'm covered in the rain, yeah rain When I'm covered in the rain, rain, rain, rain | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note
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