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Why did you mess with forever? 
transcribed by Catherine Gagné (


(Thanks to Alan Myers for (x35533)) Part 1 Verse
Part 2 "Before I'm on my way.."
Part 3 "Was it worth the price you paid.."
e-----------3-------0--- b---8---7---3---3---3--- g---0---0---0---0---0--- d---9---7---0---x---x--- a---7---5---x---2---3--- e---0-------3---x---x---
Part 4 Chorus a) first one
e---0----3---2---5---3------------------ b---3----3---3---6---3----4--8---4--8--- g---0----0---2---5---5----3--0---3--0--- d---x----0---4---7---5----5--7---5--7--- a---3----x---2---5---3----3--8---3--8--- e--------3---x---x---x------------------
b) second one
e---0--------3---2---5---3------------------ b---3---1----3---3---6---3----4--8---4--8--- g---0---0----0---2---5---5----3--0---3--0--- d---x---3----0---4---7---5----5--7---5--7--- a---3---x----x---2---5---3----3--8---3--8--- e-------1----3---x---x---x------------------
c) third one
e-----------------3---2---5---3------------------ b-----------------3---3---6---3----4--8---4--8--- g---11--11--11----0---2---5---5----3--0---3--0--- d---12--12--12----0---4---7---5----5--7---5--7--- a---12--12--12----x---2---5---3----3--8---3--8--- e---10--10--10----3---x---x---x------------------
Sometimes, right after (x57565), he plays (x57568) Part 5 "You asked to kiss me once goodbye.."
e---0---0---0-------2-------------------- b---1---0---3---3---3---------0--0---0--- g---0---2---0---2---0---------0--0---0--- d---2---1---2---0---0---------x--x---0--- a---0---2---2---x---x---0--2--4--3---x--- e---x---x---0---2---3----------------1---
He probably plays all those notes on the e string.. Like this:
e---0---0---0-------2------------------- b---1---0---3---3---3--------0--0---0--- g---0---2---0---2---0--------0--0---0--- d---2---1---2---0---0--------0--0---0--- a---0---2---2---x---x--------x--x---x--- e---x---x---0---2---3--5--7--9--8---1---
Part 6 "Tell the tiny chemicals.."
e---0---0--------------------------------- b---6---8----------8---3---5---7---------- g---0---0----------0---0---0---0---------- d---5---7---(x2)---9---4---5---7---(x4)--- a---6---8----------7---2---3---5---------- e------------------0---x---x---x----------
Part 7 "But wrong is what you were when you forgot.."
Part 8 (6-9-01 performance)
e---2---5---3---1---0-----------3--- b---3---6---3---1---1---1---1---3--- g---2---5---5---3---0---0---2---0--- d---4---7---5---3---2---3---0---0--- a---2---5---3---1---0---x---x---x--- e-----------------------1---2---3---
unknown date, 4:37min
e---3---3---0------------3--- b---0---0---3---(0)-(0)--3--- g---0---0---0---(0)-(0)--0--- d---0---3---2----x---x---0--- a---x---x---2----x---x---x--- e---3---1---0---11--10---3---
Intro (1) I came back to get my things thank you for getting the door but I don't feel right walking in no more... (1) It's quiet, I'm cold I did my crying at home and I'm numb now I'm numb now (2) Before I'm on my way I've one more thing to ask (3) Was it worth the price you paid for my never coming back? (4a) Why did you mess with forever? Such a long time to be unkind Why did you mess with forever? (1) Don't you call me cruel cruel is what you're making me do I stick to my rules I'm at odds with me now Do I look my love in the eyes and say goodbye (2) Before I'm on my way I've one more thing to ask (3) Was it worth the price you paid for my never coming back (4b) Why did you mess with forever? What a long time to be unkind Why did you mess with forever? (5) You ask to kiss me once goodbye but you already did with somebody else's lips (Intro) (6) Tell the tiny chemicals the ones you hold responsible they lost me you lost me Now everything inside me tells me I sould run to you and throw my arms around you Hold your steaming crying cheeks against my own and tell you nothing's wrong (7) But wrong is what you were when you forgot that we were going on that we were going on that we were going strong (4c) Tell me why did you mess with forever? What a long time to be unkind Tell me why did you mess with forever? (8)
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