Daughters chords with lyrics by John Mayer - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

John Mayer – Daughters chords

Chords are:
Bm            [x x 0 4 3 2] (D  Gb B) : minor triad
Em7           Just put your 1st finger on 2nd fret 2nd string (A)
Asus          [0 0 2 2 3 0] (D  E  A) : no 3rd but A 4th from A major triad 
Dmaj7 Put your 1st finger on top of the 3 higher pitched strings on the 2nd fret [0 0 0 2 2 2]
Bm Em7i know a girl
Asus Dmaj7she puts the color inside of my world
Bm Em7she's just like a maze
Asus Dmaj7where all of the walls all continually change
Bm Em7I've done all i can
Asus Dmaj7to stand on the steps with my heart in my hands
Bm Em7Now i started to see
Asus Dmaj7maybe its got nothing to do with me.
Bm Em7 Asus Dmaj7so fathers be good to your daughters,
Bm Em7 Asus Dmaj7daughters will love like you do,
Bm Em7 Asus Dmaj7girls become lovers who turn into mothers
Bm Em7 Asus Dmaj7so mothers be good to your daughters too.
Bm* Em7 Asus Dmaj7 x2
Bm Em7Oh you see that skin
Asus Dmaj7 walk to Bits the same shes been standing in
Bm Em7 since the day she say him walkin away
Asus Dmaj7now she’s left cleaning up the mess he made
F (D shape) D# (Dshape) D (D shape)boys you can break
Dmaj7 Dsus2 Bm7 find out how much they can take
Em7 boys will be strong and
D/F#boys soldier on
A#6/Fbut boys would be gone
B6/Gwithout warmth of a woman's good good heart
Bm7* Em7 Asus4 D x2
Bm7* Em7 Asus4 D on behalf of every man
Bm7* Em7 Asus4 D looking out for every girl
Bm7* Em7 Asus4 Dyou are the god and the weight of her world
Bm7 Em7 Asus7 Dso mothers be good to your daughters too.
Bm7 Em7 Asus7 Dso mothers be good to your daughters too
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